Supply Depots Edit

Supply Depots are a structure in 1941 Frozen Front that can be used as a base, to resupply and purchase units.

Appearance Edit

There are two different variations of supply depots: German and Russian. The German supply depots appear to have a large tent, some crates, a water tower and some sandbags with an unmanned MG-42 mounted on top. The Soviet supply depots have a shack with some barrels and crates alongside the Russian Army flag and some sandbags with an MG mounted.

Special Abilities Edit

The Supply depot has many special abilities such as a large supply storage. It has enough supplies to fill 3 supply trucks meaning it can supply units up to 30 times before running out. Supplies can be bought for 90 gold instead of the 150 used for instant resupply and the 100 for the supply trucks. It can be used to purchase new units from the Red Army Squad to the KV-1 for a certain amount of gold. It is also often used as an objective in many missions. It is stationary but has similar health to the Heavy Tank. Supply Depots can be used both by the enemy and the player. Whilst the enemy cannot resupply their own units, in some missions, their supply depots cannot be captured by the player and can be used to provide infinite reinforcements unless they are destroyed. Upon destruction, a supply depot will reward the player a substantial reward.