Type Infantry
Cost 200 Golds (250 on Multiplayer)
Action Point Four (4) Points
Weak Against Anti-Infantry Vehicles, Artilleries, Bunkers & Air Strikes
Other Details
Attack Range Two (2) Tiles
Strong Against Anti-Tank Infantries
Ammunition Capacity Eight (8) Bars

Stormtroopers are the only infantry available on the German side of the game. It has four action points, while only having an attack range of two tiles, still being greater on taking down anti-tank infantries.


The Stormtrooper appears to represent a group of six soldier, each holding an MP-40, a Sub-Machine gun. The Stormtrooper could attack 8 times before running out of its ammunitions without resupplying. Due to the fact that it is an infantry, it is easy to be killed even if it is fortified.

Special AbilitiesEdit

It could be used as a scout as it has more action points than an anti-tank infantry, being able to camouflage itself, could move on ice and climb mountains though it could be easily be taken down by anti-infantry vehicles & fighters while completely wiping it out by artilleries & bombers. Since it is an infantry, it can be loaded into a Transport Truck & can occupy Bunkers & MG-42 positions. Every units (except for enemy units) can walk past this Stormtrooper since its an infantry.


See AlsoEdit

  • MP 40 - A Submachine gun used by the Stormtrooper
  • Red Army Squad - The Soviet infantry counterpart