Soviet Army
Soviet Army
The Soviet Army Logo
Available Units
Ground Units: 12
Air Units: 2
Special Units: 0
Total Units: 14
Other Information
No. of Missions: 5
Strength: Ground Forces

Soviet Army is one of the two forces available to play in the game. The Soviet Army has 14 units, in which, 2 of them are infantries, 2 of them are trucks, 2 of them are portable, 4 of them are tanks, 3 of them are armoured vehicles, 1 of them is a fighter and 1 of them is a bomber. The Soviet Army is strong in terms of ground units, having one more vehicle as compared to the German Army (Excluding the special unit, which is only available on one mission). But the Soviet Army is weak in terms of air units, having only two units, as opposed to three units available for the German Army. But the Soviet Army had a Mobile Anti-Air Gun, which is far better than the standard Anti-Air Gun.

Ground Units Edit

Air Units Edit

Missions Edit

Players can play as the Soviets on 7 missions, namely: