Bunkers Edit

Bunkers are another stationary structure that can be occupied by infantry from both sides if neutral.

Appearance Edit

The Bunker appears to be a circular concrete structure with a few peep holes on the front, left and right; presumable where the MGs are mounted. The Bunkers can be used both offensively and for defence but is mainly made for defence

Special Abilities Edit

The Bunker is a stationary structure which can be occupied by infantry units from both sides if they are neutral. Bunkers are able to withstand 3 shots from a medium tank before they are destroyed. It is advised that if the bunker is almost destroyed, the infantry that is occupying the bunker should retreat. The Bunker has supply aspects similar to that of a Heavy Tank. Bunkers are generated structures which are parts of missions and Pass N' Play maps. Upon the successful destruction of a neutral or enemy bunker, you will be rewarded with 250-400 gold. Bunkers are very effective against infantry and light vehicles.